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The nutrition staff working with the Hollister School District are dedicated to serving the best food to our students. We currently DO NOT have a Central Kitchen and are working digilently to change that. Our schools "kitchens" are set up for a heat and serve model, serving mostly frozen, pre-cooked food. We do our best to make this food as appetizing as we can but the heat and serve model is not the best model for our students! We can do better AND we WANT to do better, however we first must restructure the nutrition department facilities in order to get to our goal. The goal is to improve the quality of food we serve to our students. We need to change from using highly processed frozen foods to serving freshly made, locally sourced, seasonal foods. To attain this goal we are moving toward creating a Central Production Kitchen and Culinary Education Center. We are in the early stages of transforming our meal programs toward becoming a Central Production Kitchen model that will provide freshly made, great tasting scratch and near scratch cooked meals to all of our students.


Whenever we are able to serve better food to our students

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school central production kitchen

We're aiming to bring a Central Production Kitchen and Culinary Education Center

This picture is of a school central production kitchen. HSD will conitnue to pursue the project to one day bring a wonderful facility such as shown in this picture to Hollister.

Our children deserve this!

Donations Accepted!

The Central Production Kitchen and Culinary Education Center is a multiyear vision for the Student Nutrition Department. We have an ongoing process to raise money toward this project and need your help. Anyone wishing to make a donation, are welcome to do so! Be part of the wonderful expansion project that will bring quality, freshly made, locally sourced food to our students!