Comprehensive Functional Education Program (CFEP)

Specialized Academic Instruction Special Day Class (SDC) for Students with Moderate/Severe Disabilities (M/S); REGIONAL PROGRAM

The CFEP supports students with Moderate/Severe Disabilities (M/S) related to a disability such as autism; deaf-blindness; moderate to severe intellectual disabilities; multiple disabilities; and authorizes services in grades TK-8.


  • To ensure students with moderate/severe disabilities have access to the California Common Core Standards and Unique Curriculum in the context of an integrated environment and community setting.
  • To connect standard based curriculum, life skills and functional academics for comprehensive programming towards independent learning
  • To provide individualized instruction in academic areas and functional life skill to ensure that students are prepared to be contributing citizens.

Description: The Moderate to Severe Program is a placement that provides intensive instruction and services to students when the nature or severity of their disability precludes full participation in the regular education program, as specified in an IEP. The core components of the Moderate/Severe Special Education program are fusion of Common Core and Functional Activities (English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies), Life Skills and Social Skills Instruction.

Student Population: Students in grades TK-8 who are served through the Moderate to Severe Program are eligible for Services as a result of a disability that is moderate to severe in nature such as Intellectual Disability, deaf-blindness, multiple disabilities, and autism.

Service Delivery Model: Students in CFEP receive services in self-contained classrooms during the school day where they are offered highly individualized, supervised,  specialized instruction as prescribed by individual IEPs and opportunities for mainstreaming with typically developing peers.

Service Provider: The special education teacher, authorized to teach students with Moderate to Severe needs, provides direct instruction in a self-contained setting and/or provides collaborative services in general education settings ensuring that students receive Common Core and Functional Academics, Behavioral Support, Self-Help  as well as Social Skills according to individualized needs. They ensure that support services, accommodations, and modifications as specified on individual IEPs are being implemented. The teacher also consults with school staff to provide mainstreaming opportunities to the maximum extent possible for students.