By-Trustee Area Elections

The Hollister School District is proud to announce that the district's new trustee area map was approved by the San Benito County Committee on School District Organization in January 2020. The San Benito County Committee on School District Organization held the public hearing, at the San Benito County Office of Education in Hollister.

The district embarked on a nearly year long process to engage community members, hold public hearings, analyze community voting areas, and develop draft maps. The School Board has previously been elected under an at-large election system, where trustees are elected by voters in the entire District. Board members are elected in even number years and serve staggered, four-year terms. However, the district's upcoming election will change with the adoption of the district's new map. In the new, by-trustee area election system, each Board member must live within the designated trustee area boundary and be elected only by the voters in that area. Voters would only vote for one seat on the school district's board.